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The Galway Group can offer the following types of services and support to Community Health Centers considering the option of sponsoring PACE – a Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly:

  • Assessment of current state environment, existing dual-demonstration programs and Medicaid/state support for PACE and PACE-like programs
  • Development of a market feasibility analysis inclusive of geographic area demographic data, enrollment assumptions and service area challenges
  • Assistance with Federal and State proposal completion process for PACE program sponsorship
  • Construction of a 5 year PACE pro forma, identification of capital needs and potential financing partners
  • Arrangements for on-site visit(s) with Community Health Centers currently sponsoring PACE sites to discuss integration of PACE programs into community health center operations and leadership team structure
  • Assessment of how PACE sponsorship can complement current community health center population based programs
  • Assistance with the Identification of possible community partnerships/alliances to deliver the full spectrum of PACE services
Services - Care for the elderly
“We saw ourselves as a community health agency that has embraced both the traditional CHC model and the PACE model as ways of advancing our Mission. PACE complements our CHC work by allowing us to promote our Mission with one more vulnerable group in need of care.”

Daniel J Driscoll
President & former CEO
Harbor Health Services
Dorchester, MA