The Galway Group Experience

The Galway Group focuses its technical assistance services on Community Health Centers that are interested in exploring the feasibility of offering a PACE program. We have concentrated our consulting practice on working with our colleagues in the CHC movement who want to look at PACE but also want to protect and enhance their original CHC mission.

Principals in The Galway Group are uniquely qualified to assist our CHC colleagues who want to look at implementing PACE: Founder of The Galway Group, Jack Cradock, the former CEO of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, was the first CHC leader in the country to start a PACE program. All Galway Group staff are former CHC executives who have implemented and/or administered PACE programs; we understand the mission of CHCs, the role of consumer Boards of Directors and their strong ties to local communities and population health, and we appreciate the operational and policy challenges presented by the interface between health center regulations and PACE operational requirements.

PACE by the Numbers

Community Health Center sites across the country, serving in excess of 24 million patients

PACE programs in 32 states, as of March 2024, serving 75,000 individuals

PACE programs are currently and/or soon to be operated by Community Health Centers

These figures reflect the tremendous opportunity available to Community Health Centers that have an interest in bringing better, more comprehensive services to elders in their communities. For more information, please contact The Galway Group, 617.719.8900; we can help Community Health Centers determine the steps necessary to bring PACE to your neighborhood.

“We saw ourselves as a community health agency that has embraced both the traditional CHC model and the PACE model as ways of advancing our Mission. PACE complements our CHC work by allowing us to promote our Mission with one more vulnerable group in need of care.”

Dan Driscoll
Former President & CEO
Harbor Health Services
Dorchester, MA